Product Care

Our furniture is both beautiful & practical, made to be used and loved. There are however some simple care tips to keep your pieces in great condition for many years.

Our furniture is finished in a matte commercial grade finish which is heat & moisture resistant though won’t withstand extreme heat from pans or dishes heated in an oven or on a stove top. It’s recommended a trivet or place mat be used in these cases. 

Light cleaning with soft dry microfiber cloth and a mild, non abrasive detergent is all that is required. All spills should be cleaned immediately. 

Take care when placing or moving items with an abrasive or sharp base as they may scratch the surface. 

Timber is a natural product & is subject to changes relative to its environment.

Extreme variation in these environmental conditions like temperature, UV exposure, air conditioning, heating or uneven airflow can cause small cracks in the timbers surface, change the colour of the timber/finish or in more severe cases cause warping or cupping of table tops.